BMW F01 Facelifted E65 BMW's latest 7-Series is the F01 which they launched in 2008. Rather than continuing the radical trend in stlying, BMW watered down the angularity into more acceptable lines, the 'Bangle Boot' was gone, replaced by a more traditional design which looked, well, much like a lot of other modern cars. Still, the overall impression was less controversial, it looked a brute close-up due to its massive size, and at last it was following the 7-Series lineage. New innovations included a 4-zone climate control, a 6-speed automatic transmission as standard and even an 8-speed automatic on the 760iL Activhybrid7. A great contribution to safety was the introduction of BMW's BlindSpot Information System and Lane Departure Warning System which integrated multiple cameras and advanced vision software. The system warned the driver of obstructions when changing lane, and even warned of inadvertant wandering out of a lane. Safety was paramount on this powerful model, the inclusion of a head-up display and even night-vision showed they were serious. All in all, the F01 is waht the E65/66 should have been, the rightful decendent of the true 7-Series.