Duxford, Cambridgeshire The7SeriesRegister meets twice a year at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, just off Junction 10 of the M11 in Cambridgeshire. Duxford is a working airfield with aircraft from WWII in flying condition. The car show at Duxford is spread over two acres and is attended by car clubs of all marques. The7Series Register attend as part of the BMW Car Club, invited by the much lamented Bernie Howell. There is always a good turn-out of cars, and unless the weather is awful, there is usually a warbird practicing a flying routine. We start our day at MacDonalds, some of us picking up a couple of parking tickets while the rest poke each others cars or eat an Egg MacMuffin or two: Around 9:10am we meander to our cars and form a convoy that lasts until the first roundabout where we are generally interspersed with a few Euroboxes. It doesn’t take long before the Euroboxes realise they are amongst superior engineering though: After a couple of miles of convoy action we enter Duxford, our previously spotless cars are now covered in mud (Spring show) or dust (Summer show): We quickly set up camp in the prime position, break out the kettle and thermals (yes, sometimes it rains - but only once): After a while we are surrounded by other BMW's and the two acres of Duxford rapidly fills with hundreds of cars: After a good cup of tea we set about the cars with cloths and polish, some take longer than others And more often than not, we are joined by a more famous V12 - the Merlin: There are both types of Mustang, the American muscle car, and one that goes a bit faster: It's a great day with lots to see and do - a The7SeriesRegister favourite