So who are we and what do we do ? The Seven Series Register is the meeting place for BMW 7-Series enthusiasts. Most of us are from the UK but we also have members from the four-corners of the world. Our cars are just as diverse as our members, presently the E32 and the E38 illicit the most posts, but we also have sections for the E23 and the E65/E66. Not only do we talk about the 7-Series, we also regularly meet-up at various events throughout the year. However, these are not show-car events, mainly we arrive in our daily drivers that occasionally get a layer of polish. Our main strength is friendliness, our members are always ready to help and offer advice, there is no flaming and shouting here, just friendly banter - we are British for goodness sake! You can contact us by email ... Simply click the icon You can also join our free to use forum simply click the icon or follow the link in the toolbar